Basics by SwampAngel
Basics, a photo by SwampAngel on Flickr.

Our assignment for Vision & Blur, pick a word and set out to create around it. Basics, created with sunshine, shallow depth of field, and "Plaster Squared" texture by Kim Klassen.


Acorns - Toned and Texturized

Toned with a "Soft Light" blending  option on the photograph and then brought back with a "multipy" blending option with Kim Klassen's "embrace" texture.

kimklassencafeScattered Horizons


Fishing and Photography

For Christmas, Santa brought me a Sony Handy Cam.
Now I can add more story to my photos.
I have a ways to go on the learning curve of mixing of the media:
photos, video, and audio.
But I'm learning, and tickled to death about the new
Lightroom 4 Beta that handles more video editing. 

Satilla River