Satilla River, Fishing and Photography - November 2012

We made the trip up the Satilla river this weekend. After they make it to their fishing hole they dump me out on the bank to wander around and take as many pictures as I want. I love this time. It's quiet and no one is rushing me.

Satilla River Fishing November 2012

When I'm real quite, I get to see some wildlife.

Satilla River Fishing November 2012

There are more photos of the cypress trees and river at Flickr


Make Your Own Facebook Timeline Cover on Your Droid

Playing around with my photos this morning I found that Vignette
has a Facebook Cover frame option to make your own Covers.

I'm using 
on my Motorola Razr.

Upload your original photo to Vignette...
Choose your effects.  I chose the Fake HDR and made sure the
Frame Type is 
Facebook Cover
and it applies your filter and instantly resizes it to fit across your Facebook page....
I love photography and I love pixel pushing, so we gotta add something to this....
after saving your photo in Vignette upload to Pixlr-o-matic.
Add your film effect.... I used Anne here.
Add your texture or highlights... I used Gritty here
Then add your frame... I used old.

And WaaaLaa!  Instant Facebook Timeline Cover.

I love the little clothes pins they use to hang your photo to dry :)

Then save and share it with yourself via email, download to your computer then 
upload to Facebook.

I bet I could send this to Phonto, add some text
and use it as a blog header.
I'll let you know how it turns out.


Math Word Problems and Blurb

If you use 4 each of 6x6 photo grids in a 2x2 photo grid,
how many photos will you have in the grid?

I had to break out the calculator.

The answer is 144.

I created a 6x6 grid here to create an October recap Collage.
  The app I used was PhotoGrid HD. It limits you to 9 photos per grid,so.....

in order to get 36 photos on the grid, you need to make four 3x3 photogrids and
 place them in a 2x2 photo grid. 
Ok enough of the math word problems, LOL

Make Instagram Books with Blurb

Earlier this month, It's Me Sunday let us know about a 
Blurb coupon code to make one of their new

For this my first book, I just let Blurb bring in all of my intstagram photos.  After the import you can just drag and drop them where you please.  I didn't have any rhyme or reason for making this book except getting my pictures printed, so there is no order or theme.
After having this book in my hands, I would love to try it again 
with a more pre-planned approach and maybe 
use more collages to get more photos on the page.

Here are a few snaps of my book on the inside.  

I was surprised to find that photos were not blowed out, enlarged to take up each page.  
I am really happy with the book and will definitely be making another.

Blurb makes a little widget so you can flip thru the whole book.



Downtown by SwampAngel
Downtown, a photo by SwampAngel on Flickr.
Created by using two texture layers from Kim Klassen, "Stay" and "Little Things".

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Peaceful Place

Peaceful Place by SwampAngel
Peaceful Place, a photo by SwampAngel on Flickr.

Taken with Pudding Camera app on android Razor using fantasy camera with black and white film.


Enjoying the sun

Enjoying the sun by SwampAngel
Enjoying the sun, a photo by SwampAngel on Flickr.
* taken with android stock camera
* sent to PicsArt for cropping and a filter
* add a texture from Kim Klassen I had resized in PicsArt.
* Framed in PicsArt

I have been experimenting with textures by resizing them and putting them in a folder on my SD card in my razor.  I have only found PicsArt that will allow me to add them and adjust the opacity to a photo.  I am searching for an app for the android that will let me blend.
Hopefully this will be added to Dave's App Recipe Book Project - April 2012 edition . Awesome photos and recipes to explore.

Here's the before photo:


Walking the dog

Walking the dog by SwampAngel
Walking the dog, a photo by SwampAngel on Flickr.

sitting on the inside day dreaming about being on the outside #mobilephotography


Blue skies

Blue skies by SwampAngel
Blue skies, a photo by SwampAngel on Flickr.

Blue skies made with stock camera and android apps on RAZR.


Yellow...from where I stand with Recipe

Yellow...from where I stand by SwampAngel

Yellow...from where I stand, a photo by SwampAngel on Flickr.
*take picture with stock camera on Razr
*opened with PicsArt and choose CrossProcessing2
*opened with Vingette and choose the 3:2 black rounded frame
*opened with Flickr (who knew the Flickr app had filters) and 
added the Paris filter.
*the flickr app then added it to my Flickr Acct and then my Twitter Acct.
Very smooth action on the Flickr App's part.

Check out more Mobile Photography Recipes

Yellow machine

Yellow machine by SwampAngel
Yellow machine, a photo by SwampAngel on Flickr.

surrounded by #Yellow machines


Green fern

Green fern by SwampAngel
Green fern, a photo by SwampAngel on Flickr.

Green fern found on the way home from work for #kimklassen Beyond Layers Color Week

Green bottles

Green bottles by SwampAngel
Green bottles, a photo by SwampAngel on Flickr.

Green bottles for Beyond Layers Color Week

Creative Phone Photography

I thought learning how to shoot with a DSLR was complicated.  Mobile phone photography is it's own beast with all of the choices and options in it's apps.

Rhonna of Rhonna's Designs just recently posted an article of her Favorite Photo Apps she uses to create the wonderful photos she shares via Instagram Twitter, and Facebook.  I love her creativity and style in producing these little works of art.  Even though her list is of Iphone apps and I have an Android, I got a lot from her list and her process for mobile photography.

At first it didn't make sense to me until I understood the fact that one app does not do everything. So far this is what I use on my phone:

1)Taking the photo -
I like the original camera on the Razr and Retro Camera, a free app with vintage effects and frames. 

2)Adding different elements -
Filters, stickers, text, bokeh, or make a collage. PicsArt has all of the above and more.  You can even add your own favorite fonts to the text action.  Even though PicsArt is free you can go to it's store and buy more sets of stickers, clip art, or text.  I also like Photo Grid for collages and it is also free.
Right now I have the Vignette Demo for more filters and effects, but it's 3.99 to purchase. I haven't made up mind yet on that one.

3)Sharing - 
Right now, I am still holding my breath for Instagram, they say it's should be a Download pretty soon, shouldn't be long now, right?  But until then I mainly use Twitter to post. It's not a hosting community like Instagram and it doesn't have filters for your camera but it does send my posts on to my Facebook and it's free.

On this photo, I used Vignette Demo to take photos and add effects, Photo Grid to make collage, PicsArt to add frame and PicsArt to add text.

The one thing I am sorely missing is an app for Washi tape.  Please share if you find one.

For more "Recipes" for phone photography, check out "Dave's App Recipe Book".


Adventures in Coleslaw

I am taking Xanthe Berkeley's Creating Time Capsules course. (You can go here and sign up for the April session.) We are learning about video, audio, and stop action photography mixing with stills. This is my creation of the 1st project assignment.  It lacks the stop action photography but I plan on remedying that this week.

Just as soon as I pull out my camera the kids mysteriously vanish, so I get what I can, the dog and a cabbage.  I figure they won't put up much fuss.

I love the idea of mixing the different media to create stories.  It really gets you into thinking about your shots and photos, light and sound, angles and mood to get your story across.


Grandma's Camelia Bush

Grandma's old camellia bush is still here blooming be side Grandpa's old tool shed.  The only thing that is missing is her swing.

Sharing with Rural Journal on her 2nd blog hop, Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday (I used her Embrace Texture), and Emily's Tones on Tuesday (I used a lot of Image Adjustments from Photoshop).

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Rural Thursday Blog Hop # 1

Burnt Hay Field

Rural Thursday is a new weekly blog hop where you can share what's happening around your place (rural/country/farm home).

On the way to work I couldn't help but notice the errie fog over the field they had burned the day before - very Carefully because of all of the swamp fires down here in the past year.  But to get the good hay, the fields have to be black before the can turn a pretty green.

Nothing can replace my Nikon DSLR but I've been using my Android Razr phone more and more withe the Retro Camera App because, as they say "The best camera is the one you have with you".  So I stopped and grabbed a shot.  I then processed this with Kim Klassesn's Simplicity and Plaster Squared Textures.

Along with Rural Thursday, I am sharing this with Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday and Emily's Tones on Tuesday.

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Basics by SwampAngel
Basics, a photo by SwampAngel on Flickr.

Our assignment for Vision & Blur, pick a word and set out to create around it. Basics, created with sunshine, shallow depth of field, and "Plaster Squared" texture by Kim Klassen.


Acorns - Toned and Texturized

Toned with a "Soft Light" blending  option on the photograph and then brought back with a "multipy" blending option with Kim Klassen's "embrace" texture.

kimklassencafeScattered Horizons


Fishing and Photography

For Christmas, Santa brought me a Sony Handy Cam.
Now I can add more story to my photos.
I have a ways to go on the learning curve of mixing of the media:
photos, video, and audio.
But I'm learning, and tickled to death about the new
Lightroom 4 Beta that handles more video editing. 

Satilla River