Foggy Morning

Foggy Morning by BackwoodsPhotographer
Foggy Morning, a photo by BackwoodsPhotographer on Flickr.
There's a field I pass everyday and I have been watching as different wild flowers take it over as spring morphs into summer. The reds have changed to yellows.

I processed this in Photoshop with Kim Klassen's Mini May Texture Set - Tea Time and then Total Grunge on Color Burn.

Via Flickr:
If you were a spider, where would you put your web? In a field full of flowers. :) Texturized with Kim Klassen's Mini May Set.


Texture Tuesday - Black and White with a touch of Color

Having to relearn Photoshop
so I googled the best way to 
turn your photo to Black and White.
I recognized PhotoFocus so I tried their link.
by Richard Harrington
Very nice tutorial with a video using the 
adjustments layer "Black and White"
Worth checking out and very good Black and White results.
Not flat.

After the conversion, 
Awesome Texture!!!
I set it on Color Dodge in the Blending Modes
at 100%

Then I used a mask layer and painted in 
my flowers to add that 
Touch of Color :)

Here is the original I took with my Droid Razr.

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Texture Tuesday (too Late to Link up)

I have nearly forgotten how to use Photoshop.
Dusting it off,
I used Kim Klassen's Abstract Texture,
following her 
Quick Tuesday TiP on masking 
to create this to submit to 

Here's the before
shot with the android, 
I've got to start taking the NIkon out more.