Rural Thursday Blog Hop # 1

Burnt Hay Field

Rural Thursday is a new weekly blog hop where you can share what's happening around your place (rural/country/farm home).

On the way to work I couldn't help but notice the errie fog over the field they had burned the day before - very Carefully because of all of the swamp fires down here in the past year.  But to get the good hay, the fields have to be black before the can turn a pretty green.

Nothing can replace my Nikon DSLR but I've been using my Android Razr phone more and more withe the Retro Camera App because, as they say "The best camera is the one you have with you".  So I stopped and grabbed a shot.  I then processed this with Kim Klassesn's Simplicity and Plaster Squared Textures.

Along with Rural Thursday, I am sharing this with Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday and Emily's Tones on Tuesday.

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