Creative Phone Photography

I thought learning how to shoot with a DSLR was complicated.  Mobile phone photography is it's own beast with all of the choices and options in it's apps.

Rhonna of Rhonna's Designs just recently posted an article of her Favorite Photo Apps she uses to create the wonderful photos she shares via Instagram Twitter, and Facebook.  I love her creativity and style in producing these little works of art.  Even though her list is of Iphone apps and I have an Android, I got a lot from her list and her process for mobile photography.

At first it didn't make sense to me until I understood the fact that one app does not do everything. So far this is what I use on my phone:

1)Taking the photo -
I like the original camera on the Razr and Retro Camera, a free app with vintage effects and frames. 

2)Adding different elements -
Filters, stickers, text, bokeh, or make a collage. PicsArt has all of the above and more.  You can even add your own favorite fonts to the text action.  Even though PicsArt is free you can go to it's store and buy more sets of stickers, clip art, or text.  I also like Photo Grid for collages and it is also free.
Right now I have the Vignette Demo for more filters and effects, but it's 3.99 to purchase. I haven't made up mind yet on that one.

3)Sharing - 
Right now, I am still holding my breath for Instagram, they say it's should be a Download pretty soon, shouldn't be long now, right?  But until then I mainly use Twitter to post. It's not a hosting community like Instagram and it doesn't have filters for your camera but it does send my posts on to my Facebook and it's free.

On this photo, I used Vignette Demo to take photos and add effects, Photo Grid to make collage, PicsArt to add frame and PicsArt to add text.

The one thing I am sorely missing is an app for Washi tape.  Please share if you find one.

For more "Recipes" for phone photography, check out "Dave's App Recipe Book".