Make Your Own Facebook Timeline Cover on Your Droid

Playing around with my photos this morning I found that Vignette
has a Facebook Cover frame option to make your own Covers.

I'm using 
on my Motorola Razr.

Upload your original photo to Vignette...
Choose your effects.  I chose the Fake HDR and made sure the
Frame Type is 
Facebook Cover
and it applies your filter and instantly resizes it to fit across your Facebook page....
I love photography and I love pixel pushing, so we gotta add something to this....
after saving your photo in Vignette upload to Pixlr-o-matic.
Add your film effect.... I used Anne here.
Add your texture or highlights... I used Gritty here
Then add your frame... I used old.

And WaaaLaa!  Instant Facebook Timeline Cover.

I love the little clothes pins they use to hang your photo to dry :)

Then save and share it with yourself via email, download to your computer then 
upload to Facebook.

I bet I could send this to Phonto, add some text
and use it as a blog header.
I'll let you know how it turns out.

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