Math Word Problems and Blurb

If you use 4 each of 6x6 photo grids in a 2x2 photo grid,
how many photos will you have in the grid?

I had to break out the calculator.

The answer is 144.

I created a 6x6 grid here to create an October recap Collage.
  The app I used was PhotoGrid HD. It limits you to 9 photos per grid,so.....

in order to get 36 photos on the grid, you need to make four 3x3 photogrids and
 place them in a 2x2 photo grid. 
Ok enough of the math word problems, LOL

Make Instagram Books with Blurb

Earlier this month, It's Me Sunday let us know about a 
Blurb coupon code to make one of their new

For this my first book, I just let Blurb bring in all of my intstagram photos.  After the import you can just drag and drop them where you please.  I didn't have any rhyme or reason for making this book except getting my pictures printed, so there is no order or theme.
After having this book in my hands, I would love to try it again 
with a more pre-planned approach and maybe 
use more collages to get more photos on the page.

Here are a few snaps of my book on the inside.  

I was surprised to find that photos were not blowed out, enlarged to take up each page.  
I am really happy with the book and will definitely be making another.

Blurb makes a little widget so you can flip thru the whole book.


  1. Love this widget, I want one! You're photos look great. Funny, my cover isn't centered on the page. I guess there will be a bunch of little quirks, but I love my book. I will do my next one with the photos much bigger. I still like my collages, but make them full page to maximize viewing & cost! Thanks for the shout out!

    1. Come to look at it, but my cover isn't centered either as it is on the widget. Love the widget too, that meant I didn't have to take a lot of photos of the inside,LOL. Collages will be plentiful in my next book. LOL

  2. That comment was from Sunday Grennan (itsmesunday.) I clearly need to change my profile!